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Burpees & Brunch: Saturday 10th July

9.30am @ London Fields, Saturday 10th July

  • 10 British pounds
  • London Fields

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The infamous Burpees & Brunch! The perfect way to start your Saturday morning. Get your sweat on with a hiit-style bootcamp in the park, then refuel at a local brunch-spot alongside your sweaty comrades. When? 9.30am on the Saturday of your choosing (psst you can pick a date after hitting 'Book Now') Where? London Fields Park, E8 What do I need to bring? Yourself! And heaps and heaps of energy and enthusiasm! Oh, and a bottle of water might come in handy too. How does brunch work? I'm glad you're asking the important questions. Once we're done with our workout we'll carry ourselves (or each other!) to one of the many local brunch spots to enjoy some sweet, sweet calories. Please note that brunch IS NOT included in the price and you will need to pay for your own order (although you are most welcome to join even if you don't feel like eating) What if it rains? Then we burpee in the rain, sister. Once we're warmed up and kicking ass you won't even notice. Is that sweat or rain? Who cares! SEE YOU THERE, CHAMPION! Jess :)

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